Nina Proll nude video from “Gott schützt die Liebenden” (2008)

Nina Proll nude video from “Gott schützt die Liebenden” (2008), where you can see her fully naked while she stands in front of a guy when she drops a white robe off her shoulders, giving you a great view of her breasts and pussy, then you see her riding the guy backward, showing more of her breasts when they have sex. Finally, Nina lies naked on the couch and sleeps in the background.

Nina Proll (born January 12, 1974) is an Austrian actress, screenwriter, singer, and dancer.

She grew up in Haugschlag. At the age of 16, Nina attended an acting course for the first time and took dance and singing lessons. In 1999 she celebrated her early major film success as the leading actress in Barbara Albert’s feature film debut “Nordrand” (1999). The role earned her several awards. She starred in the first Austrian-Chinese film “Am anderen Ende der Brücke” (2002). She appeared in the role of Pascal in “Die Mitte der Welt” (2016).

Nina Proll was part of the 3rd season of the Austrian Dancing Stars, starting on March 9, 2007, she retired with her partner Balázs Ekker in round 7.


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