Cut Tari Sex Tape Leaked Video

Indonesian Celebrity Ariel Peterpan And Cut Tari Sex Tape Leaked Video Hotel Room

Cut Tari Sex Tape Leaked Video - Cut Tari Sex Tape Leaked Video

Indonesian Celebrity Cut Tari Sex Tape Leaked Video

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya also known as Cut Tari (born November 1, 1977) is an Indonesian soap opera actress, model, and presenter of Aceh-West Sumatera descent.

Her acting career began when she was invited by Harry de Fretes to guest star in the comedy soap opera Dongeng Langit. She then got an offer to appear in Sisi-Sisi Dunia in a supporting role. She has also appeared in the soap operas Perjalanan, Melati, Doaku Harapanku, Kafe Biru, Dewi Fortuna, Tersanjung, and Rosalinda.

Cut Tari Aminah Anasya was born on November 1, 1977, in Jakarta. She is the third child of four siblings of Teuku Joesransjah. She graduated in Stamford College, Jakarta. She married Johannes Yusuf Subrata on January 9, 2004. They have one daughter.

Tari was the subject of gossip in 2010 when a pornographic video of her with Ariel was posted online. The event was widely covered in newspapers in Indonesia and several foreign countries. She lost her job as infotainment host of the show Insert on Trans TV. At first she insisted it was not her in the video, but later said it was indeed her. She had not known of the existence of the video before it started to circulate. Her husband, Johannes Yusuf Subrata, initially remained firm and even proud of her courage, and said that he would not divorce her. They eventually did divorce, in 2014.

After a hitatus of more than a year, Tari began co-hosting the talk show Friends with Indra Herlambang and Uli Herdinansyah, who had been fellow announcers on the show Insert. Tari returned to host the show Insert in 2013.

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